About Me


My name is Amy. I live in Toronto with my handsome husband Reuben and our disgustingly adorable dog Viña. I very much enjoy the following: walking briskly, writing, the outdoors, singing, hosting parties, coffee, alone time, Thursdays, sushi, crafts, camping and the color pink.

What I do:

My background is in Social Work. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in the subject. I work as a Counselor at a non-profit organization in Toronto. I have the pleasure of talking to people all day every day and I get paid for it! As a Social Worker in this bustling metropolis of Toronto I meet fascinating, complex and beautiful people on a daily basis. Most of whom are coming to me at one of the hardest points in their lives.

When I’m asked what I do for a living I get this a lot of this: “your job must be so hard“. To which I awkwardly respond something like this: “um, yeah. Well, I know what you mean, but I enjoy it.” Never finding the words to say what I really want to, which is this: I feel lucky to be in my profession. Truly.

My job is to help folks discover self-love. I believe the most sustaining, fulfilling, important relationship any of us can ever develop is the one we make with ourselves. A life-insurance of sorts. And as my clients grow, change and learn, I am witness to these transformations as well as the similarities between people.
I’ll share with you what I’ve noticed to be the common denominators blocking our happiness and I hope you share with me what you’ve picked up along the way.

With Love & Happiness,



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